No Phone Zone – Operation Shut Down

A few weeks ago, I decided I NEEDED to turn my phone off. Sometimes we become so consumed with electronics that it leaves no breathing space. I was in an extreme want of some space. So easily accessible to the world (oh, it’s morning, let me check Twitter…not ok).So I alerted my mom about the shutting down of my phone but told her to email me if it was immediate as I would be checking that.

Operation No Phone Zone was in full effect. It was simply refreshing. Completely in tune with what was around, my own thoughts (which can be a scary for me at times). Not having to answer to anyone. It was great! Honestly, I don’t remember what my life was like before a phone. Yikes.

So the conclusion is that it’s ok to sometimes turn your phone off or even to tell yourself not to check it for a couple of hours. I understand some people need to have their phones on – children, work, etc. However, the time that you don’t have access to your phone can be completely connecting with no electronic connection.



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2 thoughts on “No Phone Zone – Operation Shut Down

  1. Jessica Pumphrey on said:

    Great post! I turned my phone off last night and had such a peaceful experience. So much so, that this morning I still had no desire to turn my phone on. Great advice chica 🙂

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