Chilly Bey

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite poets, Brenda Connor-Bey, aka Chilly Bey. She was known to many as a brilliant, sensitive and beautiful author and creator. To me, she was my aunt and biggest supporter of my writing.

Back in the day, Aunt B expressed herself through modeling. Here is just one of her stunning photos.

Love you Aunt Brenda & thank you for sharing your gift of expression with so many..


Below is an excerpt from her poem, Vyella’s Song. It was in dedication to our family that came from the islands of Turks and Caicos and San Andres, Colombia.

Excerpt from VYELLA’S SONG
For the Connor and Peters clan

They struggled up from southern towns
Where lands refused to yield potato or yam
Where getting jobs in factory towns was slow
Some came with suitcases
Brown carton boxes stuffed with
Frayed tattered remembrances of
Island cooking
Boiled fish, pigeon peas
Cracked crab and rice
From a place where their scenery was
Painted sunny
But poor

They ran from islands
Where palm trees swayed
Their wide hips to gentle windsongs
Loosed their long thick braids
To the call of hurricane winds
Those people ran to the belly of
A woman called Harlem
Where, instinctively, she knew
There likes
Their love for laughter
Their need for easy caressing
At the back of muscle tight necks
She saw her children flocking to her arms
Seeking refuge in the folds of
Her cemented skirts
And in the doorways of her ample bosom

And, she loved each one of them.


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