The Two Behind Untimely

Welcome to The Untimely! We decided the best way to introduce ourselves was by giving each other a short and sweet interview. Get a taste of the two ladies behind The Untimely – enjoy! 


You’re in the 4th grade, your teacher asks you to draw what you want to be when you grow up, what do you draw?

I would have drawn a gymnast doing a handstand on a balance beam, in a US Olympic leotard. At that age all I wanted was to be an Olympic gymnast. Lol

 It’s the last concert you’ll be able to see…ever! Who would you pick to see live? Remember no other performances after this. 

 Whitney Houston. She was/is the greatest.

 You look in the mirror, what do you see?

I see my mother, my sister, my nieces. I see my father, my brother. It’s weird but whenever I look in the mirror I like to point out where I get certain features from. My eyes are my fathers, my hair like my mothers. It makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger than myself. Sounds deep, but sometimes I feel like we get so caught up in our looks and how we want to look that we forget that we are a part of generations of people, all of whom make you – you. On a more personal note, when I look in the mirror I see a young woman who has a lot on her shoulders. But is willing to keep moving to the next moment in order to find herself.

 Your positivety, listening ear and grace (also) is what I admire about you. Ask your mother to give 3 other adjectives to describe you. What are they? And don’t laugh if she gives you something off-the-wall :). 

Adventurous, Graceful, Exuberant

You give such good advice! What’s one piece of advice that you’d give to your 18-year-old self?

At 18, I would have told myself to loosen up a little and enjoy life. At that age I was really stuck in my own bubble. I thought my actions would get me into heaven, not my heart (more on that later).

What’s one place you HAVE to travel to? Why?

I have to go to Brazil. Back in college my bestie, Christina and I watched City of God’s every day for about a month. We could never finish it because we always had to go to class and we could never pick up where we left off because my TV was a little jank! Lol. To me, Brazil has so much culture. I can see myself going there and getting lost in the quality of life there. The people are comfortable with their bodies and relaxed. The music is another draw – I just want to dance the night away and I know I could do that in Brazil. Just typing about this makes me want to hop on a plane!!


Tell us, what year were you born? What kind of kid were you growing up?  

1987! As a kid, I was a wild child – quiet moments were non-existent, unless I was sleep. Loved the outdoors and hanging out with other kids. My mom says I was the little girl who “never met a stranger.” Based on my granny’s stories, I definitely believe that.

If you could be sitting at a table, talking to anyone in the world – who would it be with and why?

My family took a trip to Disney World when I was younger and I met a girl from London – we clicked instantly. Nothing like conversation at 7. Needless to say, we became pen pals, but after a while we lost touch. I’d love to know how she was doing! I’d also say my Poppie (dad’s father) – passed when I was 9, but we had a serious connection. He was very loving and calm, but I feel like he brought the adventurer out of me. No one else could talk me into drinking buttermilk and cornbread.

 What’s one talent that you have, that most people wouldn’t expect (I think I know the answer to this one)?

*heart starts pounding* singing.

 If you had to choose, who would you be – Tia or Tamara?

I love them both! I’d have to say Tamara though. I saw an episode recently, where she talked about how she usually keeps her mouth shut, but is learning to be better with expressing herself. We’re seeing eye to eye on that one.

Your style, grace, and intelligence is what I most admire about you, What is the one thing that you love about yourself?

 (Thanks, Jess!) I love my sense of humor. It’s odd, but I get it and I think other people do too.

 What do you want people to take away when they read this blog?

That in the midst of life’s happenings, there’s beauty in all and a lesson to be learned if you embrace it. And that no day, no matter how much you try to plan it, is the same – the untimely. 


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